Our Milestones

  • 1995: Becomes an Authorized Bottler of The Coca-Cola Company

  • 2000: Starts its innovation journey by incorporating technology in processes to gain a competitive edge

  • 2000: Introduces Kinley Water and changed the face of packaged drinking water segment

  • 2003: Introduces the PET plastic bottles as the new way of consuming soft drinks

  • 2007: Introduces world’s No. 1 juice brand Minute Maid into the territory

  • 2008: Becomes one of the first companies in the country to introduce juices in Tetra Packs

  • 2014: Introduces a no calorie variant of Coca Cola as Coke Zero

  • 2015: Recognized as the Best Bottler in the INSWABU region by the Coca-Cola

  • 2016: Continues its innovation pipeline by introducing new brands like Fuze Tea